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A Smooth Move

When you’re moving into – or out of – a residential apartment building you face a range of challenges. It is a completely different experience to a simple house move. One is like moving chess pieces, the other like playing checkers – the complexities are several notches more difficult to navigate.

But navigate them you must – if you are to achieve the goal where the resident-on-the-move can make their transition smoothly while the other members of the apartment community hardly notice a ripple in their daily lives.

Having a Building Manager in place to choreograph residents on the move is a big step towards maintaining the best experience for everyone – and to maintaining a strong sense of community. Without someone to take on this responsibility these moves can become chaotic, they can even create long-term and deeply entrenched problems.

Here are some of the things a Building Manager will ensure:

Bookings & Scheduling

There is a requirement for 14-days notice be given for moves – Building Managers can ensure this is done.

Further the Building Manager will not lock in a moving date/time that clashes with other activities scheduled for the building. For example, it would be less than a “smooth move” if the move coincided with scheduled lift maintenance – or even if it clashed with another residents’ move.

Once the date/time is locked in, other residents can be notified to ensure awareness of possible inconvenience and those who are moving can be informed of the areas designated for tracks and carriers.

The Building Manager can also maintain a documented records of all the details of the move. This will help ensure action is taken to address any problems or damage arising from the move.

Adherence To The Rules

Strata apartment buildings generally have a set of house rules that are agreed by the tenants. These rules can cover a range of issues from noise levels to uses of common areas. It is important that new residents are aware of these rules and abide by them.

A very important section of these rules generally surround the protocols for moving in or out of the building. The Building Manager is perfectly placed to ensure all resident are aware of the requirement for moving and, importantly, can keep an eye on the process as it is happening.

Security And Safety – High Priority

HIgh on the list of responsibilities for Building Managers are the safety and security of everyone within the strata’s precinct – residents, visitors, employees and contractors. The activities surrounding moving in or out of the building require special attention if security and safety of all are to looked after.

Some of the steps a Building Manager make take to mitigate risk include:

  • Providing specific directions to removalists including carpark access, parking for trucks and designated loading areas.
  • Assigning specific paths, corridors and lifts for removalists.
  • Ensuring removalists have appropriate insurance coverage – especially Public Liability insurance.
  • Having materials available to protect floors from damage and to prevent potential slips.
  • Making sure areas facing potential damage – eg lift walls – are adequately protected.
  • Ensuring removalists can control the assigned lift to suit their movements – eg the doors can be locked open (not blocked by a piece of furniture) while loading furniture in or out.

The bottom line is that Building Managers can guide the transition of residents and ensure it is completed in a way that satisfies everyone’s interests and well-being.