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7 Benefits Of A Building Manager

Large strata schemes, whether commercial, residential or mixed can garner significant benefits by engaging a skilled building manager. Building managers work with owners’ corporations or strata managers to ensure the property operates smoothly and is well maintained. Here are 7 of the most important benefits you’ll see when you engage a building manager:

1. Efficiency in Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining common areas is a fundamental responsibility of building managers – ensuring repairs and maintenance work is completely in a timely fashion and without creating undue disruption for residents and tenants. Building managers inevitably can call on established relationships with contractors to secure competitive rates and priority service – especially for emergencies. To effectively deliver value to your property it is essential for building manager to develop preventative and responsive maintenance plans.

2. Swift Emergency Response

Emergencies are inevitable in high-rise, high-density properties. Mostly, the emergencies will be relatively minor – like problems with hot water or lift malfunctions – but they need quick attention if not to cause frustration or stress for resident. Building managers are johnny-on-the-spot and well placed to secure immediate attention to problems.

3. Intimate Property Knowledge

The fact that building managers possess are consistently and readily on-hand they develop an in-depth knowledge of the property. This means they can identify and address small issues before they escalate and become large problems. Compliance with building, safety and enviromental regulations also benefit from the building manager’s knowledge.

4. Enhanced Building Appeal

Maintaining – even improving – the overall appeal of your building is another key benefit that can accompany a building manager. Additional services like concierge services, security personnel, cleaning, or valet parking are just some of the ways the appeal of your building can be enhanced.

5. Streamlined Move-in / Move-out Process

Moving in and out of high-rise or high-density building complexes is quite a different challenge to moving into or out of a stand-alone house or retail property. To make it smooth for the moving resident (the new resident moving in or someone moving out) without disrupting the others is a challenge that falls into the lap of the building manager.

6. Effective Communication Channel

Communication is the key component of every relationship. In the case of large strata schemes it is essential that residents, strata managers and the owners’ corporation experience a smooth flow of information. Having a building manager act as the central distribution for these communications can help develop an harmonious strata community.

7. Peace of Mind

Specialists bring peace of mind to many aspects of community life in general. Strata communities are no different, a specialist building manager can bring peace of mind to all stakeholders in a strata development. If you have the right building manager – the management of your building will be handled competently and the relationship between all stakeholders will be enhanced through improved communications.

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