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Security Systems “Check-Up”

A weak link in your security systems could be devastating for you and for those occupying or visiting your property. You can regularly conduct a simple check of your systems by following our Guide and Checklist.

A systematic “security check-up” of your facility can identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may expose the building to potential threats. Of course, an internal assessment of your security systems cannot substitute for professional independent audits and certification. But they can offer insights that may reduce your risks.

It may seem like a daunting task – but, if you adopt a simple, planned approach it can yield fruitful results.

Here are 5 steps you could take on regular basis to stay on top of your security systems:

There are checklists of key questions for each of these steps in our Guideline & Checklist. This document has been developed as a useful tool for identifying and addressing weaknesses and to help create environments that are safer and more secure. For comprehensive coverage and regulatory compliance, consultation with qualified professional security auditors is recommended.